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This house is good for black cats and austere interiors. Set contains all the parts to assemble 4 floors and ladder. Instruction and 4 cushions of natural sheepskin included.
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Cost of a 4-story house with 4 sheepskin cushions and ladder is €445.
Shipping cost depends on how far you live. Check dropdown menu below.

Price with shipping to

Let’s introduce some design and practicality to a joint living of people and cats.

  • Our housings are intended for a wall mounting, preferably – to the corner, close to the ceiling. Such a scheme preserves the living area for people, while giving an excellent top-down overview for cats.
  • The hanged housing is a haven of refuge for cats that became tired from children, dogs and other annoying beings.
  • A cushion of the sheepskin – on every storey.
  • Ecologically clean materials (wooden construction and finishing coat of high quality).
  • Surfaces of our housing don’t accumulate dust, they are easy to clean.

15 thoughts on “black house

  1. Nikola Svatosova

    Hallo, I would like to buy your Black Hause with one more LADDER for to other side. Prise is 450€ Together. But I do not know, how I can order it. I am from Czech republic. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Nikola Svatosova

    1. mojocat Post author

      Hello Nikola,
      Thanks for your interest!
      Unfortunately the Black Catissas are out of stock now and we are waiting for a new batch at the middle of August.
      Do you want me to notify you when we will be ready to sell it?
      And sure we can make a combined invoice with additional ladder.

      1. Nikola Svatošová

        Thank you very much. So please let me know if you have the new goods in stock??? And I give you my decision.

        Thank you very much.

        Best Regards,


        1. mojocat Post author


          In case of you didn’t get our email.
          We have got a new batch of houses, so please welcome to our web store if you still interested in buying one.

          Thank you!

  2. Verena Cohrs

    I wanted to buy one of the black cat houses as pictured above, but it seems to be out of stock. Can you tell me when it will be available again? Or is there any other way to buy one? Thanks!

  3. Rachel Kiely

    One more question (I promise) is it possible to get the white bedding but with the all black finish? Many thanks, I look forward to placing an order with you!

    1. mojocat Post author

      Hi Rachel!

      Seems that we have only colorful house in stock, but let me check the warehouse, maybe we can make one full black for you.
      And yes, we can paint the ladder in black too. I will write to your email.

  4. Rachel Kiely

    Oh and are the stairs also in the all black finish? Many thanks for all your help!

  5. Rachel Kiely

    I too would love to buy this in the all black finish! Is this still available? If so, how best is to place the order? Many thanks!

    1. mojocat Post author

      Hello Lacey,

      Yes, we can custom paint it in full black. It would cost extra 20 Euro and take about 5 days.
      Please let me know if it’s something you will be happy with =)

  6. judith

    So, will it come with all 4 of the cubes shown as well as the ladder to reach them? Can you provide sizes? How does the cat get from one cube to the other? Great designs. (what do you think shipping to the US will be and any chance the units will be less than 250 Euros)? Thank you.

    1. mojocat Post author

      Judith, thank you!
      Yes it will come just as you described + genuine sheepskin bedding on each ‘cube’ and fixings. You can see some dimensions here:
      Cats can easily climb on each story thanks to their mutual arrangement. It’s about $200 to ship Catissa to US.
      Don’t think it may be less than 250 Euros – there is a lot of best quality materials and work. You will see the new pics of manufactured product on the next week.


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