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Colorful house for cats can be not only a nice place to rest for your pets, but also a nice eye-catching object in the interior. Set contains all the parts to assemble 4 floors and ladder. Instruction and 4 cushions of natural sheepskin included.
catissa colouredcatissa coloured    catissa dimensions
Cost of a 4-story house with 4 sheepskin cushions and ladder is €465.
Shipping cost depends on how far you live. Check this dropdown menu.

Price with shipping to

Let’s introduce some design and practicality to a joint living of people and cats.

  • Our housings are intended for a wall mounting, preferably – to the corner, close to the ceiling. Such a scheme preserves the living area for people, while giving an excellent top-down overview for cats.
  • The hanged housing is a haven of refuge for cats that became tired from children, dogs and other annoying beings.
  • A cushion of the sheepskin – on every storey.
  • Ecologically clean materials (wooden construction and finishing coat of high quality).
  • Surfaces of our housing don’t accumulate dust, they are easy to clean.

29 thoughts on “colorful house

  1. Ray Price

    Cat trees are very useful for both felines and their owners because they provide the cat with a place to climb, scratch and play, and help you save your furniture from the claws of your pet.

  2. Sophie Hughes

    Looking at the pictures I am thinking it would probably work best with three boxes if I didn’t have the bottom one. I also wouldn’t need a ladder – what do you think?

  3. Sophie Hughes

    I have just measured up my furniture and unfortunately my room is 5cm too short to fit the chest of drawers and Cat house in on top! Is it possible to have just three units as I can’t fit four 🙁

  4. Sophie Hughes

    Please could you tell me how heavy the house is once assembled? I live in a very new house which has hollow walls so it isn’t safe to hang heavy objects from them. My other idea is to rest the bottom module on another piece of furniture, so that it takes most of the weight.
    Many thanks

    1. mojocat Post author

      The weight of the assembled house is about 22 kg (48,5 lbs). It’s quite heavy, yes.
      Here you can see a different types of hanging hardware for drywalls:

      And yes, your idea about resting on the other piece of furniture is very good too.

      Thank you!

  5. Deb

    Hi I love your boxes! When will the wooden 4 storey one be back in stock? And also what is the total cost including shipping to the uk, and what is the estimated delivery time?

    Thank you,


  6. Alexandra


    may I ask if you ship to Hong kong? I really like to get one for my 4 cats at home!!! please advise the approx. shipping cost, thanks!


    1. mojocat Post author

      Hi there!

      Yes, we can ship to Hong Kong, but it’s quite expencive, 120 EUR (about 1180 HKD).
      If you still interested, please choose shipping option ‘to Australia and Japan’ before clicking ‘add to cart’ button.

      Thank you!

  7. Veronique

    Hello, I am interested in this cat house, but I need a few informations. What are the conditions of mouting to the wall. Could it tolerate the weight of two big cats, approximately 14 kilogramm for the both ? Would you send it to France. And what is the complete cost with shipping ? Sincerely.

    1. mojocat Post author

      Hello Veronique,

      Thanks for your interest!
      Unfortunately the colorful house is out of stock now. We have white and wooden on sale.

      About the mounting. Your wall must be strong enough, for example concrete or brick. Dowels and screws, which we put in each box, designed for installation on such strong surfaces.

      If you have plasterboard walls or aerated concrete, you have to buy the appropriate fasteners for your wall.
      When properly installed Catissa withstand heavy weight such as weight of an adult human.

      Shipping cost to France is 60 Euros, so that together with the product will cost 359 Euros.

  8. Brice

    Hi, would it possible to buy only one module if yes how much it could be with shipping to Belgium included.

    1. mojocat Post author

      Hi Brice,
      Thanks for your interest! We can send you one module, but you’ll have to think yourself how to mount it to the wall. The standart mounting assumes that there are minimum of 2 modules assembled together to mount house securely. If it’s ok to you then one module+sheepskin+ladder+shipping will cost 100 Eur.
      Thank you!

  9. Stephen George

    Can I purchase one of these in the uk?
    If so what would the cost be including shipping and how long for delivery ?
    Would really like to purchase one of these for my 3 burmese cats

    1. mojocat Post author

      Thanks for so kind words!
      For US it will be $440 (4 story, sleeping pads, ladder) + about $100 shipping cost.

  10. Verónica

    Oh, please! If you find that cheap way for Europe (I’m from Spain), email me too! ^^

    1. mojocat Post author

      Dear Verónica,
      Of course, I will write! We are already half way to solving this problem.

  11. Jackie

    Would you consider selling the plans for people outside Russia? I would love this for our cats but live in the US.

  12. Maria

    Здравствуйте! А сколько весит один такой домик и есть ли специальные крепления? Можно ли такие домики ставить на пол?

    1. mojocat Post author

      Здравствуйте, Мария. Крепления есть, просто они спрятаны. Однако отверстия в стене сверлить все-таки придется, так как сделаны домики из соснового мебельного щита и весит каждый модуль около 4,5 кг и крепить нужно хорошо. Можно и на пол поставить, однако в этом случае пропадает основная фишка этого домика – экономия пространства и высотный обзор..


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