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My name is Olga Otsmaa, I’m cofounder of Catissa and I really like to draw animals, especially pets.
Since childhood, I was surrounded by pets, so that I draw them since I can remember.
When I grew up, I graduated from the Art Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia.
And now I’m happy to draw pets of my friends, as well as a la carte.

Below you can see a small gallery of my work.
Cost of a portrait of your pet is €80
All you need to do is to email us some photos of your pet and make payment via paypal button below.

Shipping worldwide in tube €20

4 thoughts on “pet portraits by photo

    1. mojocat Post author

      Артем, для Вас 3400 рублей. Картина включает в себя сам рисунок на специальной бумаге, рамочку со стеклом и подпись автора =)

      1. Артем

        Любуемся какая она у нас молоденькая была. Сейчас повзрослела, главкошь )).

        1. mojocat Post author

          Артем, Вам спасибо!
          Веселого Нового Года и Рождества!


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