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How it’s all started

Ten years ago we lived in a very small apartment with our four cats. At some point, there was a problem of lack of living space for cats, as our little daughter began to “play” with them too actively. This made them anxious and nervous. Therefore, I decided to make a large wall-mounted 4-tier house for them, in which they could hide from our daughter. It was the first version of the cat house made from scraps of various materials, but it was a success with our cats – they hid in it when the daughter became too clingy and began to feel much calmer.
I decided to share photos of this cat house on Reddit and received a lot of positive feedback.

After some time, as a professional industrial designer, I felt ashamed that I had made such an ugly object and I began to design a new house for cats. It took a very long time to come up with the design, about a year before I could start making it. I had practically no experience in making furniture, but I managed to make something more decent at home than the first cat house. Again, I posted the photo on Reddit and got a lot of responses like “where can I order this?” or “I would buy such a house for my cats.” This led me to the idea of ​​starting my own designer cat house business. Long story short – we now have our own small workshop with woodworking machines, painting room, etc., where we handcraft our cat furniture and sell it all over the world thanks to a clever design that allows us to send products unassembled. The assembly of our products usually does not cause difficulties, but even if questions arise, we are always ready to help =)

Contact Us

Catissa OÜ

Jaama 11 Haapsalu 90507 Estonia
email: catissa@catissa.com

Phone: +37255576356



Our Team

  • ilshat+Sasha

    Ilshat & Sasha

    Founder & CEO

  • As’ka


    Hide & Seek Manager

  • Kraken


    Junior Food Tester

  • Findus


    Chief Product Tester

  • Kotya


    Senior Model

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