This ladder can be assembled in two ways: to give your cat possibility to get into the house from the left or right side:

This is how they use it =)
SONY DSC  Ladder_dimensions

Ladder made of pinewood, covered with the water based varnish. Cost of a ladder (all fasteners included) is €39.
Shipping cost depends on how far you live. Check dropdown menu.

Prise with shipping to

4 thoughts on “Ladder

    1. mojocat Post author

      Hi Nele,

      The ladder dimensions:
      one step leight 30 cm, wight 9 cm, base leight 55 cm.

      Have a nice day!

  1. Isa

    Is it right that the price for the delivery is 10 Euro to France, if I will command two ladders for the price from 39 each. Will the price be 88 Euros?
    Thanks for your answer.

    Your sincerely

    1. mojocat Post author

      Hello Isa,

      Yes, we can arrange a combined shipping for you and shipping 2 ladders to France would cost 15 Euro. In total 93 Euro.
      Please let me know if it’s ok for you and I will send you a custom invoice via PayPal.



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