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An article about Catissa at Modern Pet Living:

Introducing Modern Pet Living Cat Lifestyle, featuring the futuristic, minimalistic and lavish Catissa cat furniture brand. Hailing from the beautiful country of Estonia, Catissa brings a unique European style to cat furniture that’s altogether sleek, modern and durable.

Not only will Catissa products give your home a modern artistic feel, but they will also give your cats an added comfort and joy within your home. Catissa products are easily assembled in a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) style, which gives you the freedom and artistic capability to create and place the furniture how you best see fit. It’s not unlike all of those IKEA furniture pieces you own 😉 (don’t worry, us too)

The stylish and modern Catissa Cat House & Tower is the ultimate DIY cat furniture product. The Cat House & Tower features four stories of sturdy Estonian pinewood modules and comfy cushioned Polish sheepskins or cruelty-free faux furs (Modern Pet Living’s recommendation). The unit can easily be mounted on most household walls and is designed to easily allow your cat to climb, play and sleep luxuriously.

When we say luxurious, we mean luxurious. In 2015, Catissa won a Design&Design award for product packaging and design of it’s beautiful Pet Geobed. The Catissa Geobed is not only stylish, but it’s design is portable and comes with a cozy sheepskin or faux fur cushion. The Geobed accommodates all breeds of cat and even some small dogs!

Catissa stands by their design and craftsmanship, making handmade and DIY cat lifestyle products with only the finest European materials. Never mass producing nor testing materials or products on animals.

Keep you cats cool and your home stylish with Catissa

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