wooden house

Wooden house covered with transparent water-based varnish. Natural wood looks harmonious in any interior. Set contains all the parts to assemble 4 floors and ladder. Instruction and 4 cushions of natural sheepskin included.
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Cost of a 4-story house with 4 sheepskin cushions and ladder is €430.
Shipping cost depends on how far you live. Check this dropdown menu.

Price with shipping to

Let’s introduce some design and practicality to a joint living of people and cats.

  • Our housings are intended for a wall mounting, preferably – to the corner, close to the ceiling. Such a scheme preserves the living area for people, while giving an excellent top-down overview for cats.
  • The hanged housing is a haven of refuge for cats that became tired from children, dogs and other annoying beings.
  • A cushion of the sheepskin – on every storey.
  • Ecologically clean materials (wooden construction and finishing coat of high quality).
  • Surfaces of our housing don’t accumulate dust, they are easy to clean.

7 thoughts on “wooden house

  1. Chris Husted

    I wish I could buy the plans since you don’t have a distributer n the USA. I have a mid century modern room this would look good in.

  2. Kris Aaron

    Do you sell the plans to build the boxes and ladder? Our humans are good with tools, and we’re waiting impatiently for them to put their opposable thumbs to some use besides opening our food cans and their beer bottles.

  3. mojocat Post author

    Hello Lina,

    We don’t have distributor in Canada yet, pardonne.
    And the shipping is quite expensive..

  4. Lina Fortin

    Where can I buy the 4 story house for cat. in Montreal , Québec Canada.
    Merci for the information.

    Lina Fortin


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